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What is a drop ship agent?

Role of the Shipping Agent | PAS

Many dropship distributors work only with professional retailers who have registered their business with the government. These professional retailers can prove that their business is legitimate to dropship suppliers by providing gross sales figures, expected order volumes, and marketing strategies. However, what if you want to use a dropship company but are just starting your retail business, and thus cannot provide the aforementioned details? Not to worry, you can still have access to the products and ease that dropshippers provide with a drop ship agent.

A drop ship agent acts as a middleman to 미국배송대행 dropshippers. They give you complete, instant access to thousands of products from wholesale distributors without setting up multiple accounts. In essence, you only have one account and pay one small monthly fee to access multiple wholesale suppliers that have contracts with the drop ship agent. Using this type of middleman is advantageous for most businesses, particularly small and home-based businesses that would otherwise not have access to these wholesale distributors.

Advantages of a Drop Ship Agent

Here are some other advantages of using one for your business.

More products: The multiple suppliers gives you access to a wide variety of products to choose from while you test products and find your niche and marketing strategy.

Ease of use: You only have one account to manage with an easy, standardized process to follow. You also go to a single location to browse multiple product lists.

Saves time: Having one account saves you the time of finding suppliers and trying to work out relationships with them because an agent does it for you.

Bulk discounts: Some agents wisely use the combined purchases of their members to negotiate bulk discounts that they pass on to you with lower wholesale pricing and lower drop fees.

Compare drop ship agents before you decide to sign up with an agent over working directly with a dropshipping company. Compare several agents to determine if they can save you time and money. The advantage of using a drop ship agent is that they can give you access to more suppliers and manage supplier issues for you. If you want to save more money though and don’t mind dealing with more relationships with distributors, deal directly with the drop shippers.

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