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How to draw manga

Manga is not just art, it is a pure imagination taken on paper. People struggle to learn how to draw manga but they cannot find step-by-step steps to implement their imagination and they are frustrated.

First, they try to learn how to draw manga by using video sites like YouTube; Then, they tried to take advantage of what they had just seen and finally (after a few hours or even days or sometimes even months) they might be able to draw in a mediocre way what they saw, but finally what Who โดจิน are they successful? Copies are mediocre, waste enough time and energy.

The reason many people struggle with their manga artwork is because they have not learned how to draw manga and vice versa have used only replicating the work of others.

Replication of other people works is not your imagination, it’s not your award, it’s just a copy without value.

So, why not learn how to draw your own manga character and even produce 10 panel manga scripts?

If you really want to master manga art then you have to study building blocks and drawing techniques used in creating extraordinary manga that we all love!

Where can I learn how to draw manga?

There are different online tutorials starting from the basics they can show, step by step, how you can learn to draw manga characters methodically and in an easy way without difficulty and of course in a very short time.

These tutorials will be able to learn how to enter feelings into the character you draw, how you make it look and finally what they represent, by showing you all the main points for every character manga lik